Like Entourage? Then let Jobsite recommend …

It sort of hit me yesterday in rehearsal while I was talking to Ryan McCarthy: people that really dig on shows like Entourage are going to find a lot to like in Hurlyburly.

Both take place in LA, both surround the movie industry, both are “for the guys” (as a matter of fact, Hurlyburly was originally titled The Guys Play). There are a lot of other similarities, but you likely get the idea. There’s a lot of differences, too. At its core, Entourage is much more of aglossy Hollywood comedy in the traditional sense whereas Hurlyburly certainly has a lot of humor but is overall a lot darker and more serious.

In general, anyone who likes those “insider” type movies and TV shows about Hollywood or the TV/film business should find Hurlyburly a welcome entertainment. Follow the link, read more about it. Then buy a ticket for opening weekend.

This has been a show we’ve wanted to do for some time now, and due to the language, pervasive drug use and violence it may chase off some of our more traditional folks (say those who were offended by the language and violence of The Pillowman or the racism or misogyny in This is How it Goes). We’re hoping our 20-40something audience supports this thing with some verve – we truly need it.


One thought on “Like Entourage? Then let Jobsite recommend …

  1. I’m always up for bad language, pervasive drug use and violence on stage.

    As long as the show is toe-free! Nothing like toes to drive an audience away.

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