Kari is calling you out!

From Kari Goetz:

I know I can’t win the contest – primarily because I’m an artistic associate with the Jobsite Theater and also because I ALREADY HAVE MY TICKETS FOR OPENING NIGHT OF GOREY STORIES!!! But, I love Halloween. It has always been my favorite holiday. To prove it, I am entering three Halloween pics of my youth to get this contest started. (But again – I can’t win – I already have my tickets!)


Jesus, I’m cute. No seriously. Son of God, I am so freaking cute. Stop the fighting in the Middle East, and look at how adorable I am! My mom made this costume for me – it was one of the few things she sewed that she didn’t utterly f-up. Between her pride in the costume and my inability to grow – I was this bunny from 1978-1980.


Let’s jump forward to 1984 and my mother’s next brilliant costume. I am a tree. The rigamortis like stance I am holding betrays my extreme enthusiasm for being a tree. Yes, that is a clump of Spanish moss on my head. It’s a “nest.” There are two plastic Easter eggs in it. It is attached to my Brownie beanie. Believe it or not – this travesty actually won awards. If you come to my parent’s house you will see an Olan Mills portrait of me and my brother wearing matching versions of the trees. My brother got the real sh*t end of the stick though – after he outgrew his tree costume, he had to wear mine. I believe he was a tree from 1984-1997.


I think this is actually from a “dress up day” at school. I opted to go as a crack fairy. Sure crack wouldn’t be invented for another ten years – but one look at my crown askew and the vacant look in look in my eyes and it’s pretty apparent – I am strung out on Froot Loops and Yoo-Hoo.

Alright Tampa Bay – what have you got – I expect to see some good Halloween costumes damn it. Oh and just to show off, here’s my favorite costume of all time – Edna Mode.


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