Jobsite’s rockin’ profile: The Vodkanauts

The Vodkanauts played the first Jobsite Rocks event alongside Joe Popp just a few years ago. They will also be the first band to play Saturday night, starting at 9:30.

Trivia: Vodkanauts frontman Jonathan Harrison is also a local actor, who has appeared on the Jobsite stage in Titus Andronicus. Small world, innit?

Let’s learn a bit more about these cool cats.

Imagine a twilight world of sonic make believe where Dean Martin and Neil Diamond share equal billing with Danny Gatton and Hank Marvin, where reverb-drenched surf freakouts segue into a small jazzy combo playing a Vegas nightspot frequented by The In Crowd and where roadhouse-rockin’ twangfests coexist with tranquil atmospheric meditations. It is in this musical parallel universe that surf/lounge/rock ‘n’ roll combo The Vodkanauts work their magic. They have shared bills with the likes of Dick Dale, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and The Mermen.

The Vodkanauts’ continuing mission expands the band’s repertoire to include rhythm ‘n’ blues, jazz and other roots-informed genres while still encompassing the surf classics, lounge numbers and original compositions that cemented the band’s reputation as one of Tampa Bay’s most engaging live acts. Equally at home on a festival stage before thousands or in an intimate nightclub setting, The Vodkanauts excel at performing time-tested tunes with inventive arrangements, delivered with a heightened level of showmanship and crowd-pleasing energy.

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