Jobsite firsts and other random notes

I expect in about half an hour I’ll be heading to the airport with a packet of support materials for our first sorta big-time grant application that will be headed to Tallahassee (just hours before the deadline at that). Our new grantwriter and I have gotten the ball rolling, and I have to imagine it’ll only get easier from here. At least as far as the process goes and having a lot of these things prepared for future needs.

If you’re curious – our worksample DVD consists of snippets from Boston Marriage, Woman in Mind, Gorey Stories and The March of the Kitefliers. If we get lucky, the first Jobsite show to get a grant from the state will be our 10th birthday show – The History of the Devil.

Also, we have fancy-pants looking books for the first time – replete with reconciliations and P-n-L reports! Oo-la-la! I almost don’t know what to do now that I don’t have to keep up with it (Can you smell it? Mmmm … sarcasm …)

Other good news for us is that I expect to have our application and support materials in the mail by Thu. at the latest for Jobsite to become a Member Theater of Theater Communications Group. This is another step for us as a company that we need to take in order to get us to that elusive next level we always talk about.

Oh, and hey – the hits just keep on coming: season ticket sales are up 12% for 0809 as compared to our final number from 0708, and we’ve still got two months til the start of our season – traditionally our busiest time! We also usually tend to pick up quite a few folks during our first few shows with our upgrade offers.

Rehearsals for Embedded are going very well. This is a large (11 of ’em!), bright group of hard-working actors, and Shawn and I are having blast watching this thing come together. We’re also very excited to have musical contributions to the show from Joe Popp and his new outfit The Hornrims as well as Lorna Bracewell. Add to all this the incredible masks, the video, Brian Smallheer’s set (which is going to show you the Shimberg Playhouse in it’s full, unmasked glory for the first time), Katrina Stevenson’s costumes and you have a major spectacle

We have some exciting stuff in the works surrounding the show, as soon as we get green-lights and details sorted – you’ll be the first to know. If your group wants to get in on this action, there’s still time!


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