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It’s now or never

In a way I’ve really enjoyed being away from electronic ties over the past 4 days. My cell phone died, and apparently our kitten – Senor Orange Julius – decided to eat through my charger cable – rendering the phone useless. The home phone and computer weren’t connected either, as I was laminate-flooring the office and had everything unplugged.

Now I’m back in the office, at least for today and tomorrow, and then off again to enjoy the opening weekend of The March of the Kitefliers. The pieces are in place – everyone is busting their asses to make this show better the second time around. The set is really something else. The detail-work is some of our best. The new slide projector and screen are sure to be a hit no only in this show, but for many shows to come. The actors are all giving it their all.

We have the presentation from the Mayor on Thursday. We have big-time fancy-pants producers coming to see what the buzz is about (with hopefully even more to come), we have Sticks of Fire day on Sunday. I even have my own mom coming to see her very first Jobsite show.

But, umm, no pressure – right?

To be honest – it’s not so much pressure for me. I know this show is great. I know this show can go places. I know what we’re doing is better from top to bottom this time.

Now I’m just in that most precarious of positions as a producer – crossing my ever-loving fingers that people show up. That they allow themselves to be caught up in this thing as they were in 2005. That this show finds its audience.

The lack of the press has me worried – particularly the lack of reviews. It means we have to reach people in other ways.

If you’re reading this, what do I need to do to push you over the edge to come play with me this weekend? This show is like nothing else I’ve been a part of in the theater. I promise you’ll feel the same way by the end of the evening. If you’re already part of the converted, and I’m just preaching up the wrong tree, is there anyone you can help send our way? Tell a friend, tell 10, we need all the help we can get.

Shawn made a comment that there’s just been something about this show since they first had the idea. That it’s lead a charmed existence. I believe that, but I’m also well aware that part of that has been due to the lengths people have gone through to make it that way. From the writers to this company as a producing body to the artists who breath life into it to the audience that becomes the final and most significant part of it all.

We could sure use your support this weekend – particularly for Thursday and Sunday (which is also Sticks of Fire day). Just give us a chance.

We’re putting it all out there with this thing. The investment is huge, the potential is even bigger. You can make a real difference. Just grab a ticket, come to the theater and give us two hours. You’ll laugh, you’ll think, you’ll be moved and you’ll spare me from an ulcer or (more) premature graying.

I also, as always, stand by my money-back guarantee. If you hate this show, I’ll even run your hate-mail after the fact in this space. Don’t believe me? Try me.

This season has been about as up and down as it goes – from the insanely popular, sold-out runs of The Pillowman, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) and The Serpent to the very disappointing yet high artistic successes of All the Great Books (abridged) and This is How it Goes. This could be our most consistently high-quality season to date, and our biggest regret is just too many empty seats for the past few months.

We can still get it back on track though. Jobsite has always been about family, about community, and about our grass roots. Prove me right this weekend.

I’m looking forward to getting back away from computers and phones come Wednesday evening when I leave the office. Then I allow myself to just become an actor again and enjoy my opening weekend.

I have another blog in me about the process this time around, and how I feel Jack is very, very different now. Look for that tomorrow.

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2 Responses

  1. So how did your Mom like the show? What did she think of your performance?

    What did you mean disappointing show This is How it Goes? I thought that it was a very good show with an unique way of presenting a story. It was shocking and provocative but isn’t great art suppose to do just that in order to promote strong emotion and discussion?

  2. My mom loved it, all the way around. We think she’ll be coming back more often – but I’ll hand pick stuff so she doesn’t have to suffer through the ‘weird shit.’

    She loved me of course, but that’s sort of her job. 🙂

    TIHIG was not a disappointment in the sense of the production – we felt it was a high artistic success. Well directed, well acted, great material. It just never found an audience. The Trib and Times reviews buried in awkward Mon/Tue sections didn’t help it, really. Nor did the month of Gasparilla BS and the NFL playoffs.

    I heard 1001 excuses as to why people missed it. It hurt us in the pocket pretty good.

    So disappointed more folks didn’t make it out and disappointed we lost money – not at ALL disappointed with the show itself.

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