It’s almost soup …

We did a spot this morning on WTSP’s Studio 10, right at the top of the show. Apart from it being early (to be funny anyway), being a tiny bit rushed in and out (it’s live TV – whaddya want), not getting a real rehearsal in the space and the lack of water in the studio – it was fine.

I just made that sound worse than it was. The worst part was no water … the only real hardship, and we probably shouldn’ve been prepared otherwise. That’s the second time we’ve been on WTSP, and they’re always really nice to us when we go in. To be honest I’ve never been treated poorly at any of the affiliates here.

We have a private preview tonight, and we open tomorrow. These things just have a way of sneaking up on you.

I wanted to make sure to throw another thank-you shout out to American Stage for the loan of the fake prop books and the assortment of nerf/inflatable balls. These (abridged) authors usually have us running around looking for some of the most random stuff – wait til you see some of these costumes!

I’m off tomorrow, and I plan on sleeping in and cleaning my house, which invariably ends up looking like a tornado hit it during tech week.

Then it’s time to cross my fingers that Books takes off on it’s own and we can focus our collective energy on hyping up the opening of This is How it Goes on Jan. 25.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the TV spot yet, give it a look.


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