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Happy Give Day!

Give Day FeaturedGive Day Tampa Bay is today (midnight to midnight.) This event not only raises funds, but it also raises awareness for not-for-profits in the area. To boot, Give Day Tampa Bay awards a ton of hourly and daily prizes by category and to reward top fundraisers. Also, any of your donations will be matched $1 for $1 match, thanks to the Gobioff Foundation, as part of our Annual Campaign.

Elizabeth Fendrick and David Jenkins will be on WEDU Public Media between 2-3pm to talk about the company. We hear they’ll use some of the great video put together by Kitefliers Studios, and so that seems as good a time as any to try to claim an hourly prize. If you can donate $25 or more can we count on you to do so between 2 and 3pm? Even if you can’t give, you can help by spreading the word through midnight. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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