Discounted Embedded tickets for those who qualify

We’ve done our best to balance out professional needs with what we think people can actually afford for theater tickets in this garbage economy. That’s led us to always offering tickets below the regional average. We still understand that $24.50 might not be affordable to some. In an effort to stay a reasonable option to as many as we can, we offer a substantially reduced rush ticket as of 30 minutes to curtain on unsold seats to students, military personnel and senior citizens (65+) who have a valid ID proving it.

Rush tickets are only $10 but can only be purchased with cash in person at the TBPAC Ticket Office as of 30 minutes to curtain. This deal isn’t valid on prior sales or in conjunction with another offer. You can spend more than $10 on a movie ticket, so we think that’s pretty fair for a professional live theater experience.

The only trick with rush tickets is if the show sells out. We can’t sell seats we don’t have, and our theater is small. Typically we advise against people trying to get rush tickets on a Fri. or Sat. night. Especially Sat. The opening weekend for Embedded is actually already full Fri. – Sun., so we’re not recommending anyone try to get a rush ticket 8/15-17 as there’s already no seats or we expect there to be no seats by day of show.

Opening night (8/14) is historically one of our lightest audiences, so a great opportunity to get rush tickets. Keep in mind we also have a $10 preview performance on 8/13, and you can buy those seats at that price anytime.


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