Boston Marriage reviews

“In the fine production by Tampa’s Jobsite Theater, there’s topnotch acting, sharp directing, some moments of real humor … The Jobsite cast is quite marvelous … Karla Hartley’s direction is sure-handed … This is as professional-looking a production as any you’ll find in the area.” – Creative Loafing

Ok, so sure, if you read the whole thing he has problems with the script. All I can say to that is consider the source. The show may be a trifle, sure, and I think that’s a great departure for Mamet and provides an extremely fun night in the theater that’s simple full top to bottom of damned-fine artistry.

John Fleming also managed to come out and see us, a first since 2001. Seems we’re destined to never actually meet his expectations, so I won’t lose any sleep over Marty Clear likely returning to us as of Ros & Guil. He too, took some exception to the script, but also had a few choice words for our beloved actresses. If you really want to, you can read it here. You gotta take the good with the bad, right? At least this time he didn’t say we cast the whole show from the Central School for Bad Acting. That’s progress!

The Tampa Tribune still hasn’t made it out to see the show, but we hope to have them this weekend. We also expect a feature in Watermark‘s Marriage issue as well as the March edition of The Gazette.

It’s good work folks, don’t miss it!


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