Attn: educators/students – Ros & Guil are Dead!

A quick heads up for anyone in school, teaching at a school or close to anyone in the former two groups:

Jobsite Theater is offering $10 per ticket student group rates to all non-Saturday night performances of Rosencratnz and Guildenstern are Dead. We’ve booked 3 school groups in the last two days, so something has to be in the water. We figure we may as well try to capitalize on more groups while we have time. We’ve discovered that this play is on many area advanced and AP Literature reading lists, and also studied in many high school theater classes.

This is a SENSATIONAL price. Tickets are normally $24.50 and group tickets are normally $20.83 (15% off). This rate is the same price we charge students for the rush tickets available as of half-hour before show – but you get to purchase them in advance and secure your seats.

We will also offer any group of 20+ a post show talkback with cast and crew. Bonus!

Groups need to be 12 or more in number. Some shows are near-full, but others have great availability. Please call Christen Petitt at 813.222.1016 in order to find out more or book your group.


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