A poem from a subscriber

David Hood, resident opening Friday night front row-er (along with his wife Beth), sent me this special ode to our new stage manager for Gorey Stories, Jennifer Longmuir. David knows Jennifer from their office at USF.

Here goes:

The set was struck
There was no luck
For Jobsite’s new stage manager

The cast with glee
Giggled, hee hee
And turned her into hamburger

Her comments flip,
She cracked the whip,
When an actor missed their cue.

Resentment rose
She gained some foes
Though she didn’t have a clue

As actors thought
Up morbid plots
To demonstrate her error

While she had fun
For the whole run
Being a holy terror

This lesson learned
You’ll not get burned
You may still avoid her fate.

Egos fragile,
Minds so agile,
Criticism actors hate.

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