A letter from one of the original Jobsite Ensemblers: Brandy Pedersen

Brandy Pedersen (now Pate) left us a few years ago, even if we’ve managed to run into her a few times since. She sent me this letter yesterday, and I really wanted to share it. Some of you may remember her from appearances in shows like Cloud 9 or Spring Awakening. She was also our first company stage manager.

We miss you too, Brandy! If you’re a long-lost (or not so long-lost) member of the Jobsite family, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line!

Well David – I am highly impressed. I hadn’t been to Jobsite’s website in a while and after visiting there just now I would have to say that you and the crew have accomplished quite a bit. I am very happy for all of you and wish I could be there to express how wonderful it is that Jobsite is such an amazing creative force in the Tampa Bay community.

It is hard to believe that I spent 6 years working with Jobsite off and on and blessed to participate in 13 of your productions. Of course, my husband doesn’t believe that I used to be an actress or stage manager. He compares it to the productions he did at his local church when he was 15. I wanted to show him the shots from Cloud 9 but unfortunately they aren’t up except for the postcard and for some reason I am not in that shot. I did hunt down the poster though and I think he believes that I edited myself into the shot so I could seem cool like all of you. Hahahaha! Nonetheless, I miss all of you terribly and since I haven’t been working for the last couple weeks, I have been dreaming often of our times during rehearsals and productions. I think about all the things that you taught me and all the nonsense you put up with. I have so many hilarious stories from Brownbread and The Beauty Queen of Leenane imitating your wonderful accents and then all the way back to Christie in Love and One for the Road when I learned how to do lights for the first time. We won’t mention my constant submittal to play boy rolls until Ami finally cast me as female.

I guess I just went a little far down memory lane and I felt the need to say “Thank you” mainly for all the fun and memories, but also for teaching me so much over the years. I say this of course to all the members of Jobsite Theater and hope that you will pass this along.

My love to my theater family! I miss you all!

Brandy Michele Pate (Pedersen)


One thought on “A letter from one of the original Jobsite Ensemblers: Brandy Pedersen

  1. Whoa…she’s right.

    I’m sitting here looking at a postcard, and she’s on it – but she isn’t on the picture that is on the web site!

    Conspiracy! Conspiracy! Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it! I am spartacus! You may take my life, but you’ll never take my freeeeedom!!!

    Erm…don’t mind me.

    I miss Brandy, too.

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