A bit of inspiration …

Somewhere in the back of my head I’ve factored several people into my greater character construct for Rosencrantz. Adopting little things, here and there and channeling them into a greater whole.

One, Stan Laurel. Enjoy a brilliant bit of acting with a dog here – which was amazingly enough done in one take:

Two, Buster Bluth. I don’t know why, but there were things creeping in on me that I think are taking root. It may be a more inner-thing than anything:

Three, Chaplin. Duh.

All of these folks have some commonality: sadness, expressiveness, physical precision. You really sympathize with these characters. Not so much Chaplin, but the other two are essentially man-children. Zanni. This is starting, now that I’m beginning to do certain areas completely without a book or prompt, to become a lot of fun. It’s a lot of joy to play a character of this type, as I’ve said this is the third time I’ve done the show and the first time I’ve played a different part (the other two times I was Guil).

I hope we have a good run, it’ll be the last time I get the opportunity to perform for at least the next year and a half – I’d love for this to be truly memorable.


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