Woman in Mind Soundtrack

Well, sort of anyway. I don’t have a finished playlist, but this should give you an idea of the music in the show.

All is Full of Love – Bjork
Wake Up – Arcade Fire
The Birds in Your Garden – Pulp
Grass – XTC
Summersong – The Decemberists
Cold Day in the Sun – Foo Fighters
Ballet for a Rainy Day – XTC
Sun, Sun, Sun – The Elected
Mary – Oingo Boingo
Season Cycle – XTC
1,000 Umbrellas – XTC
Suddenly Everything Has Changed – Flaming Lips
Black Wave – The Shins
Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem – Peter Murphy
On the Mend – Foo Fighters
White Rabbit – Blue Man Group
Summer’s Cauldron – XTC
I Feel Love – Blue Man Group
Lonely Planet – The The

Speaking of which, the show is coming along very nicely. The show is going to have a lot of appeal to a lot of different groups I think. In addition to people who just like a good play, there’s the Brit angle, also British humor, psychology, feminism, sociology … Likely more, that I’m just not considering now.

The show is extremely well-written and well cast. Jobsite is very lucky to have such talented actors who want to work with us time and time again. Now is the time in process where things start growing by leaps and bounds every day. Exciting stuff.

As usual, we really need your support opening weekend, and advance sales really mean a lot to us. If you can get it on your calendar now and go ahead and pick up your ticekts, you’ll be helping us a LOT. Advance sales give us a better idea of where our holes will be and as soon as shows can close out we can move on to worrying about later shows and later weekends. Plus, when we can start closing out performances things tend to snowball. Money attracts money, or something like that.

We only have about 20 tickets left for opening Fri and Sat – so get yours quick if you want them. Still lots of room for opening Thu and Sun.


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