What happened to the dreamers inside us – Vol. 1

As promised, ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning a series of posts featuring the cast and crew members of our upcoming production of The March of the Kitefliers.

Our first victim, I mean subject, is Jaime Giangrande. For the original production she was the stage manager. This time around she’ll be helping us out as a rehearsal stage manager and assistant director.

Let’s see what Jaime looked like as a kid:


Wow. She even volunteered to send that one in on her own. Perhaps embarrassing kid photos will be the recurring theme with these profiles.

So, let’s look a little deeper:

How old were you when that picture was shot? I was 12

What grade were you in? Middle school – 7th or 8th grade?

What was the first thing you thought of the first time you saw it? I have a HORRIBLE toe touch

Please tell me that ran in a yearbook or something. YES IT DID

Did anyone ever tease you about it? Of course they did

Did you have a nickname then? Yes, “The Girl that Talks Funny” (I just moved from Brooklyn, NY to Fla.)

Do you remember what your favorite song was then? -What would you say (I was a HUGE Dave Matthews fan even then)

What about movie? NEWSIES (Christian Bale is STILL hot)

TV show? Friends

Was there a toy you still had then, maybe in your room, that you were probably too old to be playing with but you kept it anyway? All of my stuffed animals … I would talk to them (oh you know you did too!) … that was our “talking” time.

What did you think you would be when you grew up then? A dolphin trainer

What ever happened to that dream? I found out that you had to go to school for Biology and pass a swim test. Well, the swim test I passed but 5 years of science and math?

Blaaahhhck …

I ended up working for Sea World as a Dolphin, aka a costumed character, so some of my dream came true πŸ™‚


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