Sluts In Space, Episode 1

Directed and written by Christen Petitt Hailey


Tickets: donation at the door; FREE for Jobsite season ticket holders.

Shimberg Playhouse, Straz Center for the Performing Arts

Job-side Productions Season

From the creator of Sexy Sexy Murder and The Ballad of Hipster McBigballs comes a hilarious galactic burlesque: Sluts In Space, Episode 1!

The Ensemble of Sluts in Space, Episode 1. (Photo by Drunk Camera Guy.)The Lunar Colony is finally ready for human habitation, and the Secret Queen of Tampa and her Ninja Bitch Lady Assassins have wasted no time in developing a lucrative space trade route to bring booze, Viagra and loose women to the Moon Men. But Bowelshaker Thunderdeuce, fearsome overlord of the Brazen Whores of Orlando, has vowed vendetta against the Secret Queen and will stop at nothing to enslave her, the city of Tampa, and … the entire human race!


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