Season ticket savings expire soon!

Our absolute best deal on tickets vanishes at the end of July.  From now until then, you can get 30% off the price of regular tickets plus save a ton of money on fees and service charges when you hook up our early bird season ticket deal.

Brass tacks: for a little over $100 per person you get a ticket to all 6 mainstage shows for next year and then pretty much get into everything else we do in the Job-side series for FREE. You don’t have to worry about shows selling out. You can move from one night to another if you need, because life happens.

Do you think you see 3 Jobsite shows a year? Then you may as well have season tickets, you’d be paying the same amount of money and you’d get more stuff. If you think a particular show is not your thing, you can always give those seats to a friend or family member, and then you look super cool.

You wanna be even cooler?  Sign up for the Jobsite Rock Star Experience and get the season tickets, entry into our Gala and Jobsite Rocks! events, claim a portion of it as a tax-deductible gift and get other cool perks people can’t even buy. C’mon, you know you wanna …

You have our promise that we will never undercut our season ticket holders by offering last minute discounts that make you mad you bought in advance (as they should). Our season ticket holders are guaranteed the best price on tickets. Period.

There’s also something in it for us when you get season tickets. And not just your cash. Having a solid base of season ticket holders means we have to struggle a lot less from night to night, show to show over the course of the season working to get people in the theater. We’re a small company without a dedicated marketing and PR staff, and that’s time and money we could be using to make the show better instead of on trying to get people out to see it.

Point blank: if you consider yourself a fan of Jobsite, if you believe in what we’re doing here and want to see it continue, I’m calling on you now to please join us as a season ticket holder. Here’s an order form. You can print it and mail it, fax it, or just call 813.229.7827 and do it over the phone. We know that not everyone is capable of making a donation, not every business can become a sponsor, but if you’re coming to shows anyway this is a MEANINGFUL show of support and a great bargain for you at the same time.

Where are our people at? Show us some love today, while we still have our best offer on the table. 



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