R&G now ranks #2 all time!

Our production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead now ranks #2 in all-time box office grosses for any show Jobsite has produced entirely on our own. It just clipped off our blockbuster run of The Pillowman this morning and is gaining ground on our all-time best-seller in terms of grosses – Gorey Stories. It’s certainly not a sure thing that we’ll overtake that mark, but it’s certainly possible.

So, does this just mean Tampa can’t get enough death? Interesting … Well, we have plenty more in store for you then …

We’re also less than 90 tickets away from becoming the best-attended Jobsite show we’ve produced on our own. Jobsite also currently maintains all sales records for any production at any time in the Shimberg Playhouse, going back to when it was still called the Off Center Theater.

Who says the theater is dead and Tampa can’t support the arts? All three of those shows mentioned above have been produced in the past 18 months. You go, Tampa Bay! You go, Jobsite!

There are only 3 more performances, and we hope to go our with a big bang. There’s good availability for all shows this weekend, but we anticipate strong walk-up so encourage patrons to try to arrive early or buy in advance so they can ensure their seats.


One thought on “R&G now ranks #2 all time!

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Jobsite Rocks! I’m so glad I made the trip down from Atlanta for this show. I hope closing weekend was a blast! I love you guys!

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