RACE opens Thursday!

We are so excited to open David Mamet’s blistering new play that “adroitly mixes comic darts with tragic arrows” (Bloomberg News) this Thursday over at the Straz Center.  For me personally, this has been an infinitely enjoyable process — it’s truly a joy to watch Ned, Tia, “ranney” and Paul work. Each and every one of them moves me nightly, these actors and this story simply suck you in (and the quick hour and a half run time doesn’t hurt). I almost feel guilty even claiming this has been work.  Brian’s lovely set was finished up yesterday, all the rest of tech is set, and we’re ready to rock. This is a solid piece of quality theater.

From all of us, we truly hope you can join us over opening weekend.  This play is fully worthy of your attention, and is a sure-fire conversation starter. I don’t think a play has come along like this since Doubt that sparks such debate among audience members.  The subject of race in America may be both fraught and overdetermined, but it’s obviously still something as a community that we have much to discuss and learn from. These days, in this country, in this state, race could not be a more timely topic.

To that end, we are hosting a public forum after the show on Sun., May 13.  Tickets are limited to this performance (Sat., May 12 is also almost sold out) so we strongly recommend you get tickets as soon as possible if you would like to attend.  Panelists include Dr. Abraham Khan, Dr. Roy Kaplan, Alisha Menzies and myself.  The cast will also be on hand, and this is certain to be a enlightening, lively discussion.

For complete info on the show including the press release, bios, a teaser video and more visit us over at JobsiteTheater.org.

Don’t forget that you’ll be able to sign up for 12-13 season tickets at the show, and also coming up around the corner is Ned Averill-Snell’s one-person treat Little Tunes.

As always, thank you for your support of Jobsite.  We walk on the shoulders of giants.



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