Adriana Corso

Adriana Corso is thrilled to be making her Jobsite debut in the same play that made her fall in love with performance arts so many years ago. While she studied theatre at Alonso High School and in college at the University of Tampa; life took her on a different path and she found herself at Stetson University College of Law where she obtained her Juris Doctorate degree. She still actively practices law. Adriana also teaches yoga at Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation and is passionate about and involved in building service, trauma-informed yoga classes to underserved communities in Tampa Bay. She also trains and performs aerial arts at Aerial Dragons Studio and studies dance at the Patel Conservatory and with other local community teachers. Adriana is grateful for the opportunity to return to the stage in one of the first roles she ever performed in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She could not do any of it without the love and support of Ava, her rescued rescuer, and her friends and family that help her juggle all of the different hats she wears.

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