Popp, McCabe and Durand return to Tampa with The Hornrims

I’ve known Joe Popp since early 1999. I met him at an audition in the Jaeb Theater at TBPAC for a weird little show called Whirligig, in which I was eventually cast. I felt like Joe and I hit it off pretty well, and we’ve worked together on and off since.

He provided the “theme song” to The History of the Devil (the first time around) – a cover of the Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil. He provided a 15-minute rock opera, JY2K, for our first collection of original works. We did a full-length original musical of his, MAXWELL. He even did a guitar cover of Billy Joel’s Summer, Highland Falls for me to ‘guitar-sync’ over for the beginning of subUrbia. Now he’s working on some songs for Embedded, and his new band is creating the final show for our 10th anniversary season – an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Pericles.

Popp and his current bandmates Brian McCabe (who also played bass in Whirligig and played in Joe’s previous band dogs on ice) and Tylor Durand are returning to Tampa next Friday night, May 16, to play a show at New World Brewery with a local favorite of mine, Nessie, and Deadly Fists of Kung Fu. Their new outfit is called The Hornrims, and they are more than worthy of your attention.

If you’re a lover of good music or want to get a preview of the band that will be fronting our production of Pericles or want to say hello to your local Jobsiteers or just blow off a long week with a few damned fine pints – come out and represent.

It’s not Jobsite Rocks, but both Nessie and Popp have played previous JR events. They’ve done a lot to support us, so let’s come out and support them. It’s just $6 at the door and the bands are supposed to start around 10p.



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