Pillowman, Shakespeare updates

We had another great weekend in the Shimberg with full, receptive audiences attending The Pillowman and giving us lots of great feedback after the shows. Check out patron and critic reviews, watch the TV spot and more here.

We only have 8 shows remaining, and we cannot hold over any more. This Thursday’s show is already sold out. Advance sales are greatly encouraged. We’d truly love your help in filling up the other 7 performances. Did you enjoy the show and have any way to help us get the word out? We’d love your personal recommendation to your friends and colleagues.

Look at these great quotes from the papers:

“Excellent in every case, as professional as you’ll find in any theater anywhere, it marks a new high in Jobsite’s ascent to Bay area treasure … this formidable work deserves the attention of every serious – and thick-skinned – theatergoer.” – Creative Loafing

“The Pillowman may be one of the most encouraging surprises in American theater in recent years…. The powerful Jobsite production features some jarring performances that enhance the play’s effectiveness…. [It] is packed with ideas and emotions that don’t evaporate quickly.” – St. Petersburg Times

“It would be unfair to compare a local production to the Broadway version of the same play unless – as is the case here – the homegrown show holds its own. Part of the credit goes to the exceptional potency of the play, but major props are due to the Jobsite cast and crew.” – The Tampa Tribune

Jobsite AGAIN warns that The Pillowman contains adult language, graphic depictions of violence, adult subject matter, cigarette smoke and prop gunfire. We’ve had several walkouts from those who were either outright offended or for whatever reason couldn’t handle the content and Jobsite has in no way attempted to hide that information from the public. Largely those offended had not read about the play before purchasing tickets, and for what ever reason did not heed the multiple warnings before the performance began. Caveat Emptor!

Please don’t forget that our encore weekend of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) is just a few weeks away! Not just another remount, this weekend is a fundraiser for the company, with all of us donating our time to make this happen. Tampa’s original Bad Boys of Abridgement (Shawn Paonessa, Jason Evans and yours truly) have over five and a half years of working together in this format. I believe this encore will be the seventh time we’ve put the show together – including the area premiere, and we’ve always done it for full and eager audiences. This same group has also premiered abridgements of The Bible, American history and also represented half of the creative team that just brought you wacky takes on Grimm’s fairy tales. There’s just no substitution for this level of knowledge of each other’s work, chemistry and timing with a show like this. We’ll be back in January with All the Great Books (abridged).

Thank you all for getting this season off to such an incredible start! Onwards and upwards, Jobsite continues to climb and it’s due in large part to your support.


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