Makin’ art

We’re very lucky to have an incredible graphic designer do most of our poster art for us. His name is Greg Newcomb and he used to be local before transplanting himself to DC for better opportunities. Greg still does the poster art for us, even at a distance. The internet is a beautiful thing.

I try to go give Greg as much freedom as possible, and I really respect his work. The respect I have actually makes it easier for me to afford him the freedom. Greg’s done some really great stuff for us in his time – stuff like Dracula, Titus Andronicus, Bloody Poetry, The Mineola Twins, The Goat and even the current art for We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!

I was really excited yesterday to get the final pdfs for the 0607 art. If you run over to you can check out small versions of the art on the show pages. Greg did all the art except for The March of the Kitefliers and All the Great Books (abridged).

Thanks, Greg!


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