Jobsite Theater: Five 2006 Best of the Bay awards!

Just a day after we went live with our 0506 recap, we were honored and humbled to see Creative Loafing‘s 2006 Best of the Bay Awards. Take a look at how Jobsite fared, we’re still sorta in disbelief. Sure, we know we bust hump day in and day out, but maybe we’ve grown accustomed to be the perennial underdog.

Creative Loafing 2006 Best of the Bay Awards

Critic Picks
Best Play: The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?
Best Actor: Steven Clark Pachosa (The Goat)
Best Theater Company: Jobsite Theater (tied with Stageworks)
Best Artistic Direction: David Jenkins

Readers Poll
Best Theater Company: Jobsite Theater (runner-up)

The Reader’s Poll runner-up award is our tenth Reader’s Poll award. The four Critic’s Picks bring our total up to 12 Critic/Staff Picks. Our first appearance in the Best of the Bay issue was in 1999.

We also want to congratulate some pals of ours who got their propers this year:

Best Musical Achievement: The Vodkanauts
Best Local Music Stalwart: Martin Rice
Best Indie Bar: New World Brewery
Best Local Blog: Sticks of Fire


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