Jobsite news and notes 6/30

Our run of A Dream Play has come to an end. The show closed yesterday after a solid 3-week run, including 1/3 of the shows being totally sold out. As the riskiest, most experimental and most artistic/mission-based piece we did all year, we feel very good about the work done and the way it was received. We really are extraordinarily lucky to have such a willing, adventurous audience who trust us enough to sometimes just come along for the ride.

From all of us here, thank you for that.

We also managed to once again break records for the year. Since becoming resident theater company at TBPAC, our attendance and our box office grosses have grown every single year. With the entire run of Embedded still left to go, we’ve already topped the 0607 mainstage attendance and grosses by $13,000!

Once again, without your support we would not be making announcements like this. Thank you.

Finally, still from the Good News Department, we are only eight 0809 season tickets away from passing the mark we set in 0708. We still have a lot of time left to sell season tickets so we have no doubt in our minds that 0809 will once again be another banner year for Jobsite.

So much excitement going around right now. We’re making headway on funding with our new bookkeepper/grantwriter, the current season we’re in is still tearing it up and there’s just so much on the horizon.

We’ll take the baby steps. In some ways we’re like that tortoise in the story that has the hare in it. As long as we’re moving forward, as long as we continue to improve and grow – we’re know heading in the right direction.

Again, it can’t be stressed enough that without your support in the form of buying season tickets or even just coming to see one show over the course of the year – this wouldn’t be possible. Without this great group of donors we have who contribute more and more every year – this wouldn’t be possible. Without our sponsors like Creative Loafing, Bright House Networks and Discount Printing and Graphics – this wouldn’t be possible.

There’s a lot of exciting stuff in the pipe right now, onstage and off. As always, you guys will be the first to hear about it.


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