Jobsite Monday Morning Update!

We had a great opening weekend for Boston Marriage! WOO HOO! Kathy Lee Gifford joined us Friday night and remarked about how much she enjoyed the show, I got several emails from patrons who loved it, the ladies in the show had a blast and we sold every single ticket available for Friday through Sunday!

You can’t look at that any other way than as a success. Thanks to everyone who makes that possible – artists, board members, sponsors, donors, single and season ticket holders. We truly hope the next two weeks go as well as this one did.

We can’t hold the show over, so we have a very firm closing date of March 9. Get your tickets in advance!

Everyone who came to see the show opening weekend also got an extra treat – first peek out our out-of-this-world 0809 season. We just posted it online this morning, and hope to get it in the papers soon. Renewals will be mailed out in March, and folks will be able to renew or buy new season tickets at the early bird rate through performances of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.

If you saw the show this weekend, or have any thoughts on our 0809 season, please leave us a comment!


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