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Jobsite 24/25 auditions and hiring

JThe Ensemble of Jobsite's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. (Photo: James Zambon Photography)obsite is an ensemble-based company of artists who live in the greater Tampa Bay area. We do not offer travel, housing, or per diem. We may hire union (SA) or non-union performers for shows in the Shimberg Playhouse, but are unable to offer AEA contracts (GA) in the Jaeb.

Current ensemble members do not need to go through the initial audition process, they may be invited to callbacks directly. We encourage active ensemble members to speak with David Jenkins about specific interest in the coming season as soon as possible. 

The Ensemble of Jobsite's Alice.Jobsite attends the Tampa Bay Unified Auditions organized by Theatre Tampa Bay, this year on June 15, seeing some 125 members of our acting community every season. 

If you’ve not worked for Jobsite in the recent past, we sincerely hope you’ll consider attending Unifieds so we can see you in person — that is our preference and will best set you up for success to get a callback. TTB membership also includes many other perks — such as 50% off our tickets. If you can’t attend Unifieds and want to be considered, follow these instructions:

  • Send a single PDF file containing both headshot and resume (no jpg/doc combinations, please) and make sure that the filename is your name (eg, Walton-Goggins.pdf, adittimittal.pdf etc).
  • In the body of the email, include a link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc — no file attachments, please!) to your audition video.
  • If you desire to sing, we ask for no more than 30 seconds total. We would prefer that to be roughly 15 seconds of a ballad and 15 of something uptempo.
  • If you desire to be considered for Macbeth, please include a Shakespeare monologue or sonnet roughly no more than 1 minute. Please include another 1 minute non-classical contrasting monologue of your choice.
  • If you are not interested in being seen for Macbeth, include two contrasting contemporary one-minute monologues.
  • This video should be 2 and a half to no more than 3 minutes in length.
  • Email the single PDF properly named and the video link to NO LATER than 6pm on Sat., June 15. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • We repeat: we prefer to see actors live and in person than through a self-tape.


Kara Sotakoun and Nick Hoop in Jobsite's Hand To God. (Photo: David Jenkins)
K Sotakoun and Nick Hoop in Jobsite’s Hand To God. (Photo: David Jenkins)

Callbacks occur weekend afternoons and Mon. early evenings the next few weeks after Unifieds. There is no virtual option for callbacks. We will share callback information, including requirements, with anyone we are interested in seeing for specific shows. Callbacks will always consist of cold readings from the script, but some may require other preparation or improvisation.

At the time of this post, all roles in the season are available with the exceptions of GOREY STORIES and SHAKESPEARE (abridged) — those shows have been cast or casting is currently being finalized. It is possible that some or even all offers may be made for POTUS prior to Unifieds, and we will update this post accordingly.

We believe in complete transparency in hiring and absolutely hate wasting time. If someone has made an agreement, we’re always going to make that public.


As an ensemble company, Jobsite has several resident designers and other core artists who regularly fill off-stage positions, but we are also always on the hunt to meet new folks who vibe. Email your interest and a current resume to!


We’re iffy here, because honestly we think no one should be working for free. However, we do understand that there are instances where someone for whatever reason is really dying for a learning experience or to simply be involved. We are open to conversations about volunteering for certain company needs such as loadin/strike assistance, understudies, assistant directors, and “shadows” for various positions. Reach out!


The Ensemble of Jobsite’s Embedded. (Photo by Brian Smallheer.)

Can we be real a second? We know some folks grouse we don’t hire new people, or we only hire “our people.” That’s flat not true (we have the receipts). But, we can’t hire you if we don’t know you. Attend Unifieds, or if you absolutely cannot manage it send in your materials! 

Jobsite offers highly competitive wages for the region, topping out at $425 per week plus profit share for actors and stage managers, hourly workers starting between $15-$20, and fee-based contractors such as craftspeople or designers working for $750-$2,500 plus profit share. All artists are brought in as independent contractors (1099).

Actor contracts run 7 to 9 weeks. Rehearsals are Tue-Thu. evenings 6:30-10:30pm and Sa-Su 1-5pm. We’re unable to accommodate standing rehearsal conflicts (eg cannot work on Tue. nights or weekends). Other conflicts, if agreed upon in advance of contract, will result in pro-rated payroll deductions equal to the missed time.

The Ensemble of Jobsite's Hamlet.Performances are Thu. – Sat. at 7:30pm, Sun. at 2pm, and we can add Wed. 7:30 and Sat. 2pm performances if sales warrant. Contracts also carry an extension clause for one additional week. Essential show personnel such as stage managers, crew, and performers must confirm availability for all performances, actual and tentative, before signing a contract.

We have made great strides to invest in our artists and, reciprocally, ask for artist accountability.

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