Inventing Van Gogh


By Steven Dietz

Directed by Karla Hartley

Jul. 9 – Aug. 3, 2014

Thu. – Sat. 8pm, Sun. 4pm

Tickets: $28

Shimberg Playhouse, Straz Center for the Performing Arts

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2014 BroadwayWorld Tampa Regional Award

  • Best Director of a Play – Karla Hartley
  • Best Sound Design – Karla Hartley

Creative Loafing Best of the Bay

  • Best Director – Karla Hartley
  • Best Character Actor Who Can Do Anything – Ned Averill-Snell

Theatre Tampa Bay Recommended

Theatre Tampa Bay Nominated

  • Outstanding Production, Play
  • Outstanding Featured Actor, Play – Ned Averill-Snell
  • Outstanding Lighting Design – Kaylin Gess

(L-R) Steve Fisher and Jordan Foote in Jobsite's Inventing Van Gogh. (Photo by Crawford Long.)Patrick Stone (Steve Fisher, in his Jobsite debut), a contemporary painter, is hired to forge this final masterpiece—and finds himself squaring off across the years with van Gogh himself (Jordan Foote, a recent transplant, in his Tampa Bay debut). The result is a compelling and poetic mystery about madness, the obsession to create, and the fine line that separates truth from myth.The other three actors in the play appear in both the past and present under different guises: Ned Averill-Snell as Rene Bouchard and artist Paul Gauguin, Nicole Jeannine Smith as Hailee and Marguerite, and Greg Thompson as Dr. Miller and Dr. Gachet.

This stunning play takes place in two parallel universes: Stone’s modern-day studio and 19th century France, where van Gogh is nearing the end of his life. Sometimes the universes merge, putting Stone directly into conversation with van Gogh himself in Stone’s studio or in drawing Stone into van Gogh’s life in the past. This play is a lyrical, gorgeous meditation on some of humanity’s inner struggles – whether you are an artist yourself or not – that shouldn’t be missed.

“a thoughtful work of art … it is big and ambitious … quite beautiful … like a bit of an art history lesson for the casual consumer, and maybe a tasty helping of nerd kibble for big-time fans (or haters) of Van Gogh.” – Tampa Bay Times

“a beautifully written time-skipping love letter … outstanding performances … haunting …Jobsite has an incredible play on its hands; their last production of the season also happens to be one of their best. So do yourself a favor and don’t miss out.” – Broadway World (P. Nason)

“Fisher effectively serves as an anchor through Dietz’s theatrical, temporal fantasy … [Averill-Snell is] a riot in suspenders … [Foote] is a walking, talking portrait of the artist … [Thompson gives] a stunning debut on the Jobsite stage … {the set, lights and sound] transport you beyond the stage, into several of Van Gogh’s famous works … Though slightly labyrinthine, the intermingling stories ultimately create an intriguing evening of theater.” – Broadway World (D. Fantal)

“Inventing Van Gogh rings with a heart-wrenching emotionality … Armed with fiery cast performances and smart set structure, [it] will leave audiences questioning what they know about the notorious painter — and much more. That’s perhaps the most beautiful part about the production’s take on the play.” – The Sunlit Tome



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Do This: Jobsite’s Inventing Van GoghCreative Loafing

Jordan Foote in Jobsite's Inventing Van Gogh. (Photo by Crawford Long.)Nicole Jeannine Smith in Jobsite's Inventing Van Gogh. (Photo by Crawford Long.)Jordan Foote in Jobsite's Inventing Van Gogh. (Photo by Crawford Long.)(L-R) Jordan Foote, Greg Thompson and Steve Fisher in Jobsite's Inventing Van Gogh. (Photo by Crawford Long.)Ned Averill-Snell and Jordan Foote in Jobsite's Inventing Van Gogh. (Photo by Crawford Long.)Steve Fisher and Jordan Foote in Jobsite's Inventing Van Gogh.

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Cast & Crew

  • Karla Hartley – Director


  • Ned Averill-Snell – Bouchard / Gauguin
  • Steve Fisher – Patrick Stone
  • Jordan Foote – Vincent Van Gogh
  • Nicole Jeannine Smith – Haley / Marguerite
  • Greg Thompson – Dr. Miller / Gachet
  • Mariana Rocha – Production Stage Manager
  • Matthew Ray – Rehearsal Stage Manager


  • Bailee Booser – Costume Designer
  • Kaylin Gess – Lighting Designer
  • Karla Hartley – Lighting, Sound & Video Designer
  • Paul Poppe – Assistant Stage Manager
  • Brian Smallheer – Scenic Designer

Patron Reviews

A wonderful play, one of the best I have seen in a long time, great cast, great lighting, enjoyed every moment. Keep them coming. – Danielle Slaugenhoupt

Via Instagram

Such a beautiful show! Well acted and directed. I love @bms_design set and Kaylin Gess lighting. @jobsitetheater has another hit. Don’t miss it! #artislife #vangogh (see photo) – @dramamask17

Via Facebook

I find that anything I try to write about Inventing Van Gogh does not seem to do it justice. Go and experience this show. Jobsite has got a mesmerizing one on its hands. – Nick Hoop

GO! Great opening night – Jonathan Harrison

I just got back from seeing Jobsite’s Inventing Van Gogh with the lovely Kim Goodman and it was fantastic! Cast, set, lights- beautiful! Had a wonderful time. – April Bender

Great performance. The second act was as intense as any performance we have seen. Super job by some really talented performers. We ordered our 2014-2015 season tickets before the show and am glad we did. Great acting, direction, and production. – Jerry Phillips

Hauntingly beautiful , aching poignant … Disillusioned entitlement. Such rich characters that resonated with me. Go see Inventing Van Gogh … It will mesmerize you. – Carmen Lusignan

Went last night. It was an amazing show! All the artist in me wants to do is paint the cerulean blues and Thylo greens!! So inspiring!! – Michelle Stone

Only a couple performances left but some of the best theatre I’ve seen in the bay. Def go. – David Harris

Saw it last night- fabulous!! – Erin O’Brien Greaser

Just saw “Inventing Van Gogh”; incredible passion in the acting of Jordan Foote; Ned Snell was amazing as he jumped from character to character; Greg Thompson slid from one person to another like changing coats and Nicole Smith was graceful as she changed from girlfriend to lady of long ago! Writing was truly amazing and set/lighting was ridiculously creative! Absolutely worn out at the end of performance! Thrilled to have been there! Many thanks to performers and staff!!!!! – Connie Worthington

We saw “Inventing Van Gogh” yesterday and I was blown away by the passion and intensity of this production! It would be impossible to say which actor was the best, as they were all incomparable! The lighting, set design, costumes, music, every facet of the show contributed to its overall perfection! Yay Jobsite!! – Melodie Oleson

Via Twitter

Oh by the way Inventing Van Gough at @jobsitetheater was so great go see it and cry as Vinnie says things about art that also apply to life – @mostlikelyRegan

Just got home from the @jobsitetheater production of Inventing Van Gogh. Wow, what an incredibly beautiful and moving piece. – @kradrussell90

But you all really need to go see Inventing Van Gogh @jobsitetheater First rate performers telling a great story. – @HoopSwoop

It was great! – @Justin_M_L

Had a great time at the @StrazCenter tonight thanks to @BrightHouseNow … @jobsitetheater put on a great play! – @DatDudeKR

@jobsitetheater Inventing Van Gogh was a great finale for the 13/14 season. If you are in Tampa Bay before 8/3, head to the Straz – @cartjac

Wow, amazing production of #InventingVanGogh ! Thanks @BrightHouseNow @StrazCenter for the tickets @jobsitetheater – @slaughterfern

Went to see @jobsitetheater #InventingVanGogh tonight and thought it was fantastic!! – @vdpace

amazing show last night! Keep up the great work. thanks for a great night we loved #inventingvangogh  – @discodolls

@jobsitetheater #inventingvangogh #bragtag @ Shimberg Playhouse – @NewMediaChic

Saw @jobsitetheater’s Inventing Van Gogh last night @StrazCenter. Show was fantastic. Kinda heady, but a great look at art and madness. – TBBJWilkerson

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  3. The play was phenomenal. My husband and I didn’t want it to end and have been discussing it quite a bit. We will definitely be following your upcoming productions.

    We also enjoyed the music playing throughout. We recognized Bach’s cello suites which has always been a favorite of ours but would love to know the rest of the music you played. It would be wonderful if we could have the names of the selections.

    Thanks again,

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