By Nick Payne

Directed by Summer Bohnenkamp

Jul. 12 – Aug. 4, 2019

Tickets start at: $29.50

Preview Performances: Jul. 10 – 11 | Wed. – Thr. 8pm | Tickets start at: $18

Shimberg Playhouse, Straz Center


  • Best of the Decade
  • Best Performances of the Decade – Georgia Mallory Guy
  • Best of 2019
  • Best Lead Performance in a Play – Georgia Mallory Guy

Theatre Tampa Bay Nominated

  • Outstanding Production of a Play
  • Outstanding Director of a Play – Summer Bohnenkamp
  • Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress in a Play – Georgia Mallory Guy
  • Outstanding Lighting Design (under $500k) – Jo Averill-Snell
  • Outstanding Set Design (under $500k) – Brian Smallheer
  • Outstanding Sound Design (under $500k) – David Jenkins

Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Nominated

  • Best Production

What It’s About

What if every decision we’ve made—and not made—exists simultaneously in infinite parallel universes? So goes this bracing, glorious love story of Marianne (Georgia Mallory Guy) and Roland (Giles Davies), a physicist and an urban beekeeper, whose myriad possibilities unfold in sumptuous arcs and trajectories that challenge the distinction between choice and destiny. Nick Payne’s critically-acclaimed triumph melds science and romance into Constellations, a play that comes along every so often to disrupt our notion of what can be done in theater and what it means to be alive and in love.

Why It’s For You

We guarantee you’ve never seen the classic boy-meets-girl storyline told with such creative genius. Nick Payne continues to innovate what theater does while creating characters that everyone in an audience can identify with. This production also features two of the region’s most-loved performers in Georgia Mallory Guy (seen with us in The Flick, The Maids, and Gloucester Blue) and Giles Davies (most recently seen our stage in Othello, 1984, and The Tempest).  If you’ve ever been in love, you owe it to yourself to see this. Who among us hasn’t tried to reconstruct a moment from our lives that had further-reaching consequences than we ever expected?

Why We Chose It

It’s simply a great play. It focuses on what we have always done as a company, and what we do best: tell a brilliant story through great acting and writing, cutting to the very heart of why live theater matters. There is little here in terms of pageantry or spectacle, but you’re going to be sucked into this experience whole. This show gives us hope for the future of theater, and we hope to continue to produce work like it for a long time to come.

Giles Davies and Georgia Mallory Guy in Jobsite's Constellations. (Photo courtesy Pritchard Photography.)
Giles Davies and Georgia Mallory Guy in Jobsite's Constellations. (Photo courtesy Pritchard Photography.)


Giles Davies and Georgia Mallory Guy in Jobsite's Constellations. (Photo courtesy Pritchard Photography.)

2018-19 TTB Award nominees!

We’re so happy to see that our season closer, Nick Payne’s Constellations, racked up 6 Theatre Tampa Bay Award nominations! Outstanding Director of a Play: Summer Bohnenkamp

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Cast & Crew

  • Summer Bohnenkamp – Director
  • Brian Smallheer – Technical Director
  • Teah Banks – Stage Manager


  • Giles Davies – Roland
  • Georgia Mallory Guy –  Marianne


  • Jo Averill-Snell – Lighting Designer
  • David M. Jenkins – Sound Designer
  • Rebekah Eugenia Lararidis – Scenic Artist/Design Collaborator
  • Katrina Stevenson – Costume Designer
  • Katie Troke – Scenic Assistant

Patron Reviews

  • Can't say enough about this gorgeous production. Absolutely beautiful and perfect. – Amanda Holder DeCourt
  • Outstanding performance by these two fabulous actors and congratulations to Summer Bohnenkamp!!! Success & best wishes to all. Thanks. – Mimi Topke
  • I think this show is going to linger with me for a long time! Georgia and Giles are perfection in this beautifully heartbreaking reflection on fate, choices and the moments in our existences that make up the spectrum of our lives. So well done! – Lorinda Toole Gamson
  • When I tell you this this show is breathtaking, I mean physically gorgeous set and the themes are beautiful and the lush story is to die for. Just like every Jobsite show, there is magic happening here, but this one will make you feel and then feel some more. Go see it. It's engaging, elegant, and triumphant. – Kimberly Russell
  • Constellations was a beautiful piece of theatre. The script tackles complex ideas in such a simple, poignant way that had me laughing and moved me to tears. Giles and Georgia played the script masterfully and had such a great connection with one another. So happy to be surrounded by amazing artists 😊❤️ Go check it out if you haven’t yet! - Joseph Michael-Kenneth
  • Go see Constellations while @jobsitetheater has it on stage. They do this style of play so well. It was perfectly cast, beautifully staged, and highly effective. Such a blessing to have such an amazing company in Tampa for the past 20 years! - @ladriaan
  • CONSTELLATIONS was excellent. One of the best. – Bruce and Ellen Houghton
  • Constellations is mind blowing! Acting, directing, lighting, all beyond professional. It stirs something inside. – Clare Ward-Jenkins
  • Wonderful play! Great acting and execution. Really made me think about relationships, and I loved the astronomical themed premise and set design. Tampa folks go see ‘Constellations.’ It runs til Aug 4 – @StarzanPlanets
  • The play! What a wonderful choice in bringing this to Tampa Bay. Both Eric and I were engaged every moment and we talked all the way home about the play and how it applies to our lives. I felt deeply moved by it and thank [you] for taking on this challenging play. We loved it so much that we are inviting friends and coming back to see it again! We have our season tickets and look forward to attending this coming year. We are fortunate to have Jobsite bringing us plays that entertain but also challenge us to new ideas. – Barbara Baccari
  • This is an amazing show! – Heather Bennett
  • This is some of the best acting you will ever see. Go see this. – Chris Hart
  • This is an amazing show! – Heather Bennett
  • These two are a treat to watch work. If you get a chance, get over to Shimberg and see this great piece of theatre. – Dan Frank
  • Superb acting. A must see. – Frank Jakes
  • Brilliant play. Brilliant performances. One of your best. – John Rowe
  • Saw @jobsitetheater 's Constellations tonight, it broke me and put me back together. Everything from the lighting to the set to Summer's directing was amazing, and Giles and Georgia were so perfect. – @transhellterror
  • Just got back from seeing Constellations today. Breathtakingly beautiful with outstanding performances by Georgia Mallory Guy and Giles Davies under the marvelous direction of Summer Bohnenkamp. This is a must see for adults. Get your tickets now! - Lori Pate
  • such an astounding experience – @leanneotero
  • For me, theatrical works do not exist to allow one to escape into another possible frame of mind; they exist so we can understand the beginning of thought, the foundations of human knowledge. If we come away from a night of theatre with the same frame of mind that we had going in, then we are still living in the past, and the play has not provided us with a new way toward freedom. Clearly different works accomplish this in very different ways. “Constellations” is not at all like “Hedwig”; neither of those are “The Tempest.” All three, though, as seen at Jobsite, provide new knowledge of the human experience. I’ve said it before, but there are some shows that exemplify why we go to the theatre in the first place. “Constellations” is one of those shows. At some point in Saturday’s production, everybody in attendance must have shed a tear. So much is at stake in any human relationship, and to sort through all the things that ever were AND all the things that never were, is to understand the potential a full understanding of another person brings. “Constellations” brings us closer in the ways it forces us to reflect on our own relationships, juxtaposing all the what if’s with the why not’s, drawing us all to a conclusion that, at the very least, with a little effort, all could be different, and probably all could be better ... Such powerful conflicts so well portrayed. Such is life itself. Georgia was amazing. Giles was excellent ... Thank you!! Very looking forward to next season! – Ben Graffam
  • Really amazing performance! The script and the performers had me on the edge of my seat. Definitely check it out if you are in the area. – Jared Sellick
  • Very thought-provoking and emotional at the same time. – Sherri L. Hanner
  • Was an absolutely amazing show. And to watch the actress cycle through various emotions & illness back-to-back was mind blowing, magnificent performance. – @Lord_Orpheo
  • I’m still thinking about it. Incredibly strong performances and thought provoking work. – Staci Sabarsky
  • Brilliant script and performances. Wow. – Peter Nason

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