Congrats to Chris & Jaime, Heather & Jonathan!

I’m about to get into a car to head to Howie-in-the-hills for the big festivities this weekend, but I wanted to take a quick sec to congratulate Chris Holcom & Jaime Giangrande as well as Jonathan Harrison & Heather Scheffel as they prepare to take their wedding vows and begin their new lives together.

We’ve been honored to have all four of these individuals as part of our ensemble at one time or another. Jonathan Harrison was last seen with Jobsite in Titus Andronicus as the eldest Andronicus kid. He’s likely better known as the smooth frontman for The Vodkanauts. Heather Scheffel was last seen as Belinda in This is How it Goes. Jaime Giangrande last assitant directed The March of the Kitefliers and Chris last appeared in that same show as the dude on crutches/holding a cane. Chris is also the mastermind behind our very famous goat, Sylvia.

We wish them all of our love, all of our best wishes.



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