Added performances: The Serpent!

We’re very proud to announce that due to demand we have added two performances of The Serpent. The run is nearly 80% sold with two weeks until opening. We are adding an 8pm show on Thu., Dec. 14 and a 4pm matinee on Sat., Dec. 16.

Tickets to both of these shows are only $15.50 and will go on sale at the TBPAC Ticket Office (813.229.STAR, TBPAC.ORG) at noon on Wed., Nov. 29.

This brilliant and fascinating Obie award-winning tour de force in experimental and improvisational theatre explores the Book of Genesis, and relates it to our modern experience with an eloquence and power which have earned it recognition as a milestone of American drama.

If I can make a more personal plug, it’s an incredibly interesting show. It clocks in a little over an hour, so it leaves you plenty of time to make other plans for the night. If you saw The Tibetan Book of the Dead, you may have a bit of a flavor of what Jean Claude van Itallie is all about, though the source materials couldn’t be any more contrasting. This is a very impacting, very fascinating theatrical ritual. A ceremony. This ensemble of 8 artists are painting wonderful pictures – Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, the Kennedy assassination and even the Serpent itself – with nothing more than bodies and words. The play says a lot about responsibility, or our refusal of responsibility, going all the way back to the Tree of Knowledge. I urge you to share the information on this show with anyone you know who may have interest in religious studies, the 1960s or just good non-traditional theater. There’s a lot to enjoy here – spread the word!

If you haven’t already, please visit our showpage to learn more about the show or the cast and crew.

Please get your tickets early. Due to the needs of the performance, seating is far more limited than usual and due to the holidays we cannot hold the show over past the currently scheduled closing date of Dec. 17. Both Fri. night shows (12/8 and 17) are already gone. This is one of those shows being done primarily for the love of the work. The low ticket price and limited number of seats and performances make this one we hope to see 100% sold out. In other words no one is doing this for the money, they’re doing it so it can be seen. I hope you’re able to come support the work of this incredibly dedicated, very talented ensemble.

See you there?

PS – Don’t forget that Tampa Bay’s original “Bad Boys of Abridgement” take over the Shimberg in January with their take on All the Great Books (abridged)! Seeing “an ‘Abridged’ anything at Jobsite” was ranked #12 in Creative Loafing’s “100 Things You Gotta Do …” to be considered a true Bay area resident column just earlier this year!


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