A new litmus test for abuse?

There was once a time in Jobsite history where we built things to be “Till-proof” or “McCarthy-proof,” references to actors at the time who seemed to be rougher than usual on our sets.

I had to write our TD and designer in residence Brian Smallheer last night to check with him about a chair I destroyed last weekend, the second such chair to eat it in such a fashion in my hands.

Over the past two weeks doing The Lonesome West I’ve killed a table, I tried my damnedest to destroy a door with my noggin’ and a chunk of a Virgin Mary (the door won), I kicked a very large dent into a shiny new orange stove the first time I saw it (I won’t even count all the scuff marks I’ve left on it), I’ve taken big chunks out of shelves and put gashes into walls with both ends of a shotgun, and at this point I think and I’ve turned a minimum of 4 dozen statues of various saints into mosaic tile and 52 bags of Taytos to sawdust (these last two stats will surely double by the end of the run because at least this stuff is in the script).

Why do I feel like “Jenkins-proof” is about to be the new standard around here?

Yikes. 🙂


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