We Gots New Banners

Grab A BannerBack in the wild west days of the web when we first started, banners were… any size you wanted them. And while some people may still wear shoulder-pad blouses, teal sweaters or put way too much Aquanet in their bangs, the rest of us have acquired standards. Hence, we’re retiring some old banners, replacing them with new ones, and changing the code for all of them.


What’s a banner?!

Basically, we make little images with links to whatever show we’re promoting. You can put these images with links into your website or blog, etc. and help promote Jobsite. Whenever the show changes, the image automatically changes, so you always have groovy Jobsite art on your site, like the one to the right. For more info, check out our banners, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

What’s this mean?

If you have any of our banners incorporated into your blog, website, whatnot, you’ll want check out our banners. Even if we didn’t retire the one you’re using, you’ll still want to replace the code. If your banner isn’t there anymore, grab yourself a new one.

How do I know if my banner is old or new?

If your banner is black with a yellow Jobsite logo, like this:

or this:

your banner is old, and you should update the code. If it shows a promo for a Jobsite show, you’re banner is up to date, and you’re all set.

I did the thingy, but it still is showing a black and yellow logo picture. Why?!

Your browser or your site needs a cache refresh. If you check it out in a browser you don’t use often, you should see the change. If you still don’t, then the site needs to refresh, which will probably happen in 24 hours. If that doesn’t work, make sure you’re replacing the right code and saving it.


What Do You Think?