This is certainly a first

During Embedded we had a few sets of earplugs at the House Manager’s desk in case patrons complained the preshow music was too loud. We made it that way on purpose, and it was certainly a sign of things to come in a very loud show.

Inishmore in some ways is going to be even louder. We’ll know to a degree exactly how loud on Saturday when we test off the 25 rounds that are fired in less than a minute and a half.

One gunshot in that room is loud enough. 25 is going to be insane.

So what to do about all that noise?

Well, the earplugs were brought up again. Even though we had the plugs available at Embedded, only one patron took them and she returned them unopened at the end of the show.

We just ordered a gross of 500 sets – just in case.

It’s really only the one scene I’m worried about. I’m considering writing a note in the program and saying something in the curtain speech about the special moment at the end of the first act when they audience might want them. Sorta like when you get a cue to put on 3-D glasses …

I think the audience will easily know what part I’m talking about when we get to it …

This show just tickles me more and more every day.


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