The Gorey Details …

A few folks have asked us what stories specifically are in our production of Gorey Stories. To be fair, we thought about doing a program insert, but we have so many of those already I opted to pass on that. In general, if you’d like a great online resource for Gorey’s work, check out this page. If you just want to know what stories we’re doing so that you can either check them out in advance or go back and find them later, here is a list of complete stories in the show. In addition to these, there are several little Easter Eggs present in the show that reference other stories.

If you want to find these stories in collections, I highly recommend the Amphigorey series.  All of the published stories below may be found between Amphigorey, Amphigorey Too, and Amphigorey Also.

Act I 
The Listing Attic
The Hapless Child
The Wuggly Ump
The Curious Sofa
The Sinking Spell
The Gilded Bat
The Insect God
The Doubtful Guest
The Blue Aspic

Act II 
The Unstrung Harp
The Pious Infant
The Osbick Bird
The Deranged Cousins
The 11th Episode
Lost Lions
The Loathsome Couple
The Gashleycrumb Tinies

Encore — unpublished stories from The Gorey End, music by The Tiger Lillies and Kronos Quartet
The Weeping Chandelier
The Hipdeep Family


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