Script Submissions

Jobsite Theater aims to produce at least one unpublished original script every mainstage season.

You can imagine the number of scripts a company like ours receives, and the truth is we just don’t have the staff to read them. This is a sad, hard truth that we don’t even like admitting; we have playwrights among our ensemble and know first-hand the pain of trying to get someone else to care about a new play. So, to help both you and us with this, we’ve come up with a system.

We do not want a whole script. We wouldn’t read it anyway, so why waste the postage, paper or bandwidth?

Instead, we ask that you:

  1. Send us a short scene or section of a scene to total no more than 10 formatted typed pages that’s got the best shot at blowing our minds.
  2. Accompanying this scene should be a letter from you briefly putting it into context and your pitch as to why we should read it in its entirety. This is where you tell us specifically how it fits into our mission (above and beyond the fact that it’s new work, e.g. “I see you’ve done Waiting on Sean Flynn and Embedded, and my play has a similar war-time journalism thing going on.”) and brag on any reception it’s had as a reading or workshop or what have you. Sometimes for instance we get sent traditional book musicals that require a cast of 30 and a full pit orchestra and it’s obvious someone is just out there sending their script to every company on the planet. Don’t be that person.

We will accept solicitations year-round, but do not guarantee that we will be able to respond to each solicitation. We will also not return any materials unless they are accompanied with a SASE. We prefer electronic submissions over hard copies sent in the mail. Please contact us send your samples or with any questions.

We’re not trying to sound negative about any of this. We’re actually looking to create a better system to help us connect with artists out there in a more efficient manner. Happy submitting!


Script Submissions

We consider original scripts for a variety of productions. Also, see our Script Submission page for more information.




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