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Rose is thrilled to make her debut with Jobsite at the Straz as a rock cellist! It is a huge honor to play and perform alongside this daring cast of amaze-ball talents for one of the greatest theater companies in Tampa Bay. Before coming to the bay, Rose has performed in NYC Off-Broadway shows, De La Guarda and Fuerza Bruta as an original cast member at the Daryl Roth Theater as an aerialist. In theater, Rose has also performed as a Radio City Rockette and world wide with Lady Gaga, Seal, Diesel Clothing, Sebastian Professional, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull and many more. This November, Rose will be traveling with St. Jerome’s Chorale to the Vatican, where she plans to play her acoustic cello during a papal mass, with Pope Francis presiding. For more of her life on stage, backstage and on the silver screen, please visit rosemallare.com and follow her on Facebook. In real life, when she can, Rose likes to just chill on the Florida beaches with family and best friends. Hi Mom!

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