Désirée Fantal

Board of Directors – Member

desiree-fantalLike Michigan J. Frog, Désirée Fantal is a wonderful singer, dancer, and actor – except only when no one is looking. Though this flaw has kept her from the stage, she remains firmly planted in the front row of every theater in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg Area. She has worked as a “Ninja” for Gorilla Theatre (Shipwrecked! An Entertainment), and as a photographer for Tampa Repertory Theatre (Heroes, Hamlet, & other plays that don’t add to the alliteration). A proud graduate of the University of South Florida, she displays her framed creative writing degree on a shelf behind a stack of plays from Samuel French. She is a contributing editor for BroadwayWorld.com, where you can read a bio very similar to this one, and is honored to now lay claim to a seat on Jobsite Theater’s Board of Directors.