Jobsite Theater: A testimonial

I get cool notes sometimes via email. Ok, so I get complaints there too and I don’t always come a-running to post those, but who would, right? I mean, unless they were really funny – I might post those.

Anyway, I sent an email to folks who bought single-tickets to The Pillowman ( some subscribers as well, inadvertently) last week, which has instigated a fair amount of feedback from those patrons.

This note was one of the nicest, someone just taking the time out to give us a thumbs-up for our efforts, and I wanted to share it:

Dear Jobsite,

I moved to Tampa from Seattle a few years ago. I have been an actress and active theatergoer my entire life. I want to thank you for all the fabulous plays that I’ve seen at your theater. Among my favorites have been American Buffalo, The Boys Next Door, and The Pillowman. I have taken my boyfriend to all of the shows with me. Rob is ex-military and before meeting me 3 years ago he had never been exposed to live theater except in the large venues. Needless to say he has been on the edge of his seat at every one of your productions.

Thank you. Without your company I would be starved for good theatre in Tampa.

All the Best,
Natalie Symons

Thank you, Natalie. And Hal, Joan and Gene – I heard what you had to say. Trust that.

Thanks for the opportunity you’re giving us, Tampa Bay.


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