Jobsite season in this week’s CreLo

Creative Loafing theater critic Mark Leib gave a brief (yet very welcomed) preview of our 0809 season in this week’s Urban Explorer issue. Glad to see he’s excited to see most of the shows, but I have to admit I’m surprised he’s as down on Picasso at the Lapin Agile as he is. I will say I am not at all surprised he disapproves of The History of the Devil, I even joked in an email today I think he might have forgotten just how much he hated it the first time around. He let us off a little easy.

Despite his opinion, it was still our first major blockbuster (setting a single-night record in the room that’s yet to be topped – and completely busting fire code – by having in 167 paid customers crammed in every nook and cranny of the room). Even by the standard of later years, Devil remains a top-attended show. I still have on file a 12 or so page letter written by someone I didn’t even know at the time who took Leib’s truncheoning of the show apart virtually line by line. Now that’s what I call an Impassioned Theater Fan.

In any event, I suppose we can look at this as a chance to change his mind on second inspection. Or not. My gut tells me these shows will do just fine on their own and we’re very excited for both opportunities.

If you’re attending an opening weekend performance of Ros & Guil, you can sign up on the spot for the 0809 season tickets. Renewal forms should also be hitting the mail at the latest the start of next week.


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