Help ALL of Tampa Bay theater

The Tampa Tribune has been stalling in hiring a new arts/theater writer since Amanda Henry left the paper. This community needs a knowledgeable arts/theater writer working for them, but they are taking no steps to fill this vacancy. The local arts have proven in major studies to account for over $521 million to the local economy, be of greater interest than sports to the general public and are also a major factor when people decide where they want to live (Tampa Bay Business Committee for the Arts “Cultural Institutions as Economic Engines”). Please consider writing Janet Weaver at or at 202 S. Parker St, Tampa, FL,33606.

Jobsite has already been directly impacted by Amanda’s departure with no one to pick up where she left off. This also happened after Joanne Milani left before they hired Amanda.

Simple things like the monthly calendars – Jobsite has not had a presence. We did not get any kind of preview press for either of our productions of All the Great Books (abridged) or This is How it Goes. Amanda was able to squeeze in some things for our Shakespeare (abridged) fundraiser weekend (and perhaps The Serpent – I don’t recall immediately) well in advance prior to her moving.

It’s not just Jobsite hurting for attention in that paper, all local companies are. In the meantime they send their TV and film critics out to cover major comedians and gigantours like Spamalot.

Tampa’s arts deserve better from Tampa’s paper. They’ve already axed their Arts Page, let’s not let them axe the arts altogether.


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