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Final weekend for We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!

If you haven’t yet made it out to see We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! – you’re really missing the heck out. I went and saw Saturday night’s show and about peed myself silly with laughter. I was aching. Local comedian/actor/teacher/griot Ranney was sitting 4 chairs over from me – and I guarantee he’ll agree with what I have to say.

We had a bang-up opening weekend, but apart from Saturday’s great crowd a relatively light week 2. Let’s send this show out in style. There’s a lot of you I still haven’t seen out. DON’T MISS IT. It’s hilarious, it has a great message and these guys are simply working their asses off.

No excuses, no lameness, no nothing – just show up. The show just deserves an audience, and Tampa deserves all the bad-ass circus-like political theater it can get.

“The cast of Jobsite regulars is adept at the rambunctious slapstick favored by director David Jenkins. Stevenson and Heimstead do a credible Lucy and Ethel routine, with Stevenson as the tale-spinning fireplug and Heimstead managing to sell a breathy screwball-comedy voice. Smith and McGreevy mug it up as their slightly lug-headed husbands, who are always one step behind. In his ridiculous outfits and facial hair, Holcom is pure silliness – comic relief from the comedy.” – Amanda Henry, The Tampa Tribune

See you soon?


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