CreLo Hurlyburly review

“… this production is one of the most satisfying plays I’ve seen all year. It’s tough and uncompromising and surprisingly philosophical. It’s everything serious theater ought to be: candid and coherent and cold-bloodedly intelligent. You don’t have to be a druggie — or employed by the film industry — to recognize its truth.” – Creative Loafing

Alas though, I am once again ‘unconvincing’ and ‘miscast.’ I guess Mark thinks I should only play comic parts, not since True West has he actually commented I’ve been decent at anything else but goofing off. I’ll survive though (and for the record I am 65lbs less ’roundish’ than when I did that show). I am thoroughly enjoying my work and my time on stage, and I know for a fact I could hardly be any more committed in what I’m doing. After good notices in the Trib and Times, I also had to expect to a degree that I wouldn’t go three for three.

One critic called me ‘well-cast.’ Another had other flattering praise. It appears that in general the critics couldn’t agree on any of the men. Read the reviews and note the discrepancies. Just goes to show what they say about one persons opinion.

The best part? All the reviews are out. As an actor I can now go about my life and not worry about it anymore.

My chances for work like this are very few and far between. Who knows when I’ll have another opportunity like this. Are you going to get a chance to see it?


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