Artist Profile: Ami Sallee Corley

Managing Director, Ensemble Member

Age: 33
Hometown: Santa Claus, Indiana
Current ‘hood: Downtown St. Pete
First Jobsite role: I played Ani in The Ruins … Yeah, my first show out the door involved a striptease and a butterball turkey (Yes, at the same time). I was very proud of that turkey.
Favorite Jobsite project: This used to be a tougher question, now the words race to come out: Frankie and Johnny. To work so closely, so thoroughly, so vulnerably with Paulie and David was one of those lifelong memories.
Upcoming projects: member of a damn fine ensemble in Grimm’s Faery Tales, Directing Bug for the Gorilla Theatre and then back with Jobsite directing This is How it Goes in January.
Dependants of note: Francesca Fleabag, A.K.A. Frankie, my 13 yr old Jack Russell and Bailey and Yitzhak, the cats I once thought I owned, but now understand that I am merely the lady that feeds them. Cats.
Top 3 books: Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaardner, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein, and The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. All three were recommended to me. More than the books themselves is where I was when I read each and what directions my life took upon reading them.
Top 3 movies: Harold and Maude, The Dark Crystal and Practical Magic
Top 3 bands: Jen Chapin, Tool and Ben Folds
What made you dedicate yourself to Jobsite? No other company or institute of learning has allowed me to continuously take chances, hone my craft, evolve as a human being and help to guide others through the same while producing quality theater. Why I do theater is why I do Jobsite.
Favorite quote: “Everything in Moderation, including moderation”
Favorite local hideouts: New World Brewery, The Hub, The Garden, The Studio @ 620
Hobbies: Being out in nature: hiking, camping, swimming, bike riding.
Biggest hero: Mamacita. A woman who has taught me that it is possible, and rewarding, to be both child and parent, that there is no one you can’t learn from and, at 61, has proven that it’s not too late for love.
Parting thoughts?

  • Killed me 3 times in one night
  • Made me drink, smoke hash and dope, and snort Dazzle
  • Couldn’t get it up (Twice!)
  • Made me eat my own children
  • Saw my birthday suit
  • Gave me a penis
  • Turned my breasts into eyeballs
  • “Worked my husband to Death”
  • Made me an Angel
  • Made me a Demon
  • And turned me into worm food …

And I’d do it all again.


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