And Baby Makes Seven

By Paula Vogel

Directed by Karla Hartley

Sep. 24 – Oct. 11, 2009

Thu. – Sat. 8pm, Sun. 4pm

Tickets: $24.50

Shimberg Playhouse, Straz Center for the Performing Arts

Anna, Ruth and Peter await the arrival of their newborn child, but first they must rid the crowded apartment of their three imaginary children. Hilariously startling and brilliantly funny, Paula Vogel (The Mineola Twins, How I Learned to Drive) redefines the meaning of family and completely blurs the lines between illusion and reality, power and subjection, friendship and love, female and male.

And Baby Makes Seven hints at serious themes – questioning whether we ever really do grow up, detailing the ways in which Anna, Peter and Ruth must change and accommodate to become a family. But for the most part, it's a comic fairy tale and, despite some scary Brothers Grimm-style currents, a celebration at heart, sweet-natured and affirmative.

Denver Westword
In order to move forward in their newly-found adult responsibilities as parents-to-be, Ruth and Anna (a lesbian couple) and Peter (the live-in gay father of their unborn child) struggle with killing off the imaginary children who are dominating their lives. There’s Henri, the little impish French boy from the movie The Red Balloon; Cecil, the nine-year old child genius; and Orphan, the feral wild-child raised by dogs at the Port Authority. When the children begin to clash with one another and the adults, all bets are off. And Baby Makes Seven transcends the GLBT subject matter to raise a more universal question that’s extremely relevant in today’s me-first, ultra-technological society – at what point do we put away childish things and accept responsibility for our lives and our relationships? The results are a laugh-laden and poignant piece of theater that borrows plot points and dialogue from a hodgepodge of literary and cinematic sources, including Shakespeare, Peter Pan and The Exorcist that’s sure to provoke discussion and furrow the brows of more literal-minded observers. Is the excessive role-playing merely pet games or genuine psychotic breaks? What’s the real relationship between Peter, Anna and Ruth? Will the imaginary children be exorcised, or will they find a way to stay?

Filled with outrageous touches, And Baby Makes Seven is one of those rare theatergoing opportunities where everything comes together in a string of magical moments. Be prepared to be enchanted seven times!

Austin American Statesman


And Baby Makes Seven contains adult language and subject matter and is intended for mature audiences only.
(L-R) David M. Jenkins, Alison Burns and Jessica Rothert in Jobsite's And Baby Make Seven. (Photo by Brian Smallheer.)


Cast & Crew

  • Karla Hartley – Director
  • Xylina Golding – Stage Manager


  • Alison Burns – Anna
  • David M. Jenkins – Peter
  • Jessica Rothert – Ruth


  • Scott Cooper – Scenic Designer
  • Karla Hartley – Lighting Designer
  • Betty-Jane Parks – Graphic Designer
  • Katrina Stevenson – Costume Designer

Patron Reviews

  • Experience theater in all it's glory... a magical setting... a fantastic experience... – WMNF Women's Show 9/26/09
  • ... stupendous, funny, surprising, you have got to see it before it closes. I won't say more so you too can be surprised. – Mayra Calo
  • ... I was really blown away!!! Amazing acting and just an all around awesome piece of theater!!! It was a good night... – Nicole Jeannine Smith
  • ABM7 @jobsitetheater :Cast excellent, making most out of all characters & unfolding folie à trois. Some disbelief unsuspended, but good. – xericwit
  • thanks @cl_tampa for the tickets to @jobsitetheater's "And Baby Makes Seven", really good play. support the arts! – versusmoll
  • Just saw @jobsitetheater And Baby Makes Seven. OMFG this is the BEST show – come out and support. You won't regret it!! – flsquirrel
  • Great show, very entertaining, cutting edge, funny, insightful, rabid (inside joke), thought provoking, touchy-feely (inside joke), Peter Pan-like... we enjoyed ourselves. – William Paul Moline
  • I saw the show last night. It was GREAT! My friends and I really enjoyed the whole experience and we will be back next week with more friends! I was amazed by how emotionally attached I became to certain characters. The three actors definitely did their jobs!!! EXCELLENT work from all involved! – Tori Fuson
  • If ur lookin for a funny, touching, sexy, fantastic play in Tampa, @JobsiteTheater 's And Baby Makes 7 is what u need! Don't miss it! – Rene_Sanchez
  • GO SEE IT! @jobsitetheater 'And Baby Makes Seven' It has rabid dogs, lesbian action, breast fondling, PB&J's and a ton of other things. – culinarysherpas

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