A Dream Play – arrive on time, maybe a little early

If you’re planning on coming to see A Dream Play, we really recommend you try to arrive to TBPAC a little early. The Lion King is also at TBPAC right now and so traffic may or may not be snarly when you arrive Downtown, and you may or may not end up looking for parking longer than you intended. Like the run of any Broadway show, you can’t really depend either way on how that will go so it’s just best to try to arrive a little early. Enjoy a drink or a snack or just the river. Since the Shimberg is a general admission space, arriveing early also means you have a better chance of getting the pick of the litter of the seats in the room.

In addition – the show is only 70 minutes long and even missing 5 minutes of it might leave you pretty confused. We also have a hold for the first three and half minutes of the show – late patrons who arrive during the first scene will not be permitted to enter the theater until that scene is over, and it’s truly a very visually dynamic scene that sets the tempo and style for the rest of the show. It would be a shame to miss it.

So, umm, I’m just saying – don’t be late. You’ll be sorry. This isn’t like the movies – showing up 10 minutes late just makes you 10 minutes late, you’re not just skipping the trailers.

If you don’t have a ticket yet for the show, keep in mind that Saturday is sold out and Friday and Sunday could go any time now. We recommend advance purchases if you plan on coming one of those nights. Walk up looks promising for both Wednesday’s preview and Thursday’s opening night show. A good time to try to take advantage of our student/senior/military rush prices!


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