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Good show! Enjoyed it very much. – Frances Factor

We greatly enjoyed Lizzie. First rate production. Very talented cast. – Jeffery Gerew

Marvelous! Everything – voices and choreography – set and story, audience of all ages, wonderful … Quite a coup. Those words will stay on my mind, …41. Great for the Jaeb, hope you can extend. Congrats. – Susanne Neilsen

Saw the show tonight and was blown away!! We loved it. Thinking about coming again – it was that good! – Lorinda Gamson

The show was amazing!!! Perhaps the best vocal performance of any show, Broadway or otherwise, I have seen at Straz 🙂 – Jamie Klingman

What a treat! We saw “Lizzie” on Friday and had a great time. I am sincerely blown away…. Loved the band, too. Good players and good orchestration. The “Lizzie” arrangements were album-ready and well-played. Congratulations. What a tour de force performance! Rock on! – Tom Sivak

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Saw the show tonight, it was fantastic! Loved everything about it! Talented group of ladies! – Mindy Choate

Great show tonight – Steffan Boule

tonight was amazing – Charles Hampton

Saw it yesterday! Brave ladies! Fantastic voices! 👏🏼 – Pasqualino Beltempo

AX-citing!!! Fabulous show! – Jannine Cherry

Saw the Preview last night. Terrific show. – Robert Simon

I am very passionate about a lot of things but maybe nothing more than strong women belting their FACES OFF. Lizzie – a killer rock musical at Jobsite Theater blew me AWAY. I can’t get over this show and never will. #YAAAAAAAS – Katie Berger

‘LIZZIE’ at the Jaeb is an AHMAHZING production quality with powerhouse punk performers. I loved every moment and can’t wait to see it again!! – Samantha Ehrnman

Lizzie is so cool. The Borden house is rockin’! Congrats to this team! – Jonathan Vandyke

It was totally awesome!! The cast killed it!! – Brandie McCallum

The show was awesome! Thank you all for a great evening – Susan Belvo

It is fabulous and begs to be seen!!! Great stuff!!!! The band is pure dynamite!!! However– it’s the ladies that compel us to keep our eyes glued to the stage, and so affixed that when looking away, we are eagerly seeking the next visual gorefest treat, be it verbal or visceral. All 4 ladies have voices to die for, and it would be hard to say one lady’s voice is more to the point and key than another’s … If you are able, “chop up” the price of a ticket and SEE this incredible show with tour de force work all around and give yourself an incredible Hallowe’en treat!!! – Joseph Parra

Had the opportunity to see the show last night and LOVED it! I highly recommend it! – Connie Hubach Horn

I saw this show last night and it was way better than I hoped!!! So amazing and Entertaining!! I loved every second and totally recomend this show. These girls can sing! – Melanie Rodriguez

I was lucky enough to score a ticket and loved it. So much rock n’ roll fun- you’ll catch many a headbanger musical reference, and it’s like the lighting director was channeling arena rock best moments (I’ll bet pyrotechnics were discussed.) The best part though was the singing! We are lucky to have this kind of talent in Tampa- from the costumes to the band, what a great show! – Anne Scott Vela

Just got done seeing this tour de force! I understand there are 5, only 5 more opportunities to see this marvel! 4 women who are forces to be reckoned with! Do it miss this! – Lori Pate

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So incredible!! A total must see!! – @littlewys

This show is frightfully brilliant! Yes, #LizzieTampa is that good! Must see! – @denisermt

Great music. Great acting. And an ending to be remembered. – @PhilGerb

The notes these performers are hitting in @LizzieMusical is incredible! – @RyTheNewsGuy

Lizzie’ is 🔥 — really incredible talent from both the cast and the band. Go see it, Tampa ppl. – @bubbaprog

Just saw #LIZZIETampa. Amazing music and vocals. These women rocked!! @jobsitetheater – @brendalovell

If you mount another musical this year, you’ll be up for two #BOTB awards. @cl_tampabay #LizzieTampa #BestConcert – @jelijahcho

#Tampa got to see #LizzieTampa @StrazCenter @jobsitetheater Absolutely loved the Music, powerful all women cast! Amazing!!! #Datenite #Mustsee – @CGormon

People, go see @jobsitetheater LIZZIE…you WILL thank me later! Absolutely stunning performances. #GO – @JeanneTPA

Blown away by the depth of character from the actors in #LIZZIETampa. Totally on Lizzie’s side. – @stephemera

Saw #lizzietampa last night & it was incredible! Wonderful performances & rockin music. Brava, ladies! @jobsitetheater @StrazCenter – @brax292

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