Threepenny Opera casting

We are currently considering headshots and resumes for our production of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill’s The Threepenny Opera. Directed by David M. Jenkins, musical direction by Jeremy Douglass, and choreography by Alison Burns Jackson.

We will cast a total of 9 non-union performers, inclusive of 2 acting apprentices (unpaid). These auditions will occur Mon., June 12, from 6 to 10pm at the Straz Center.

Macheath (Tenor)
London’s greatest criminal, he is charge of a gang of thieves. He never denies his crimes, but acts as if nothing is wrong. A womanizer and a criminal, somehow he still manages to charm the audience.

Jonathan Jeremiah Peachum (Baritone)
The Beggar King. A hypocrite. Laments that people are able to “turn off” their emotions, yet shows none himself.

Celia Peachum (Mezzo)
Polly’s mother and the wife of Mr. Peachum; she helps him run the business. Drinks heavily.

Polly Peachum (Soprano)
Peachum’s daughter, she marries Mac the Knife after knowing him for only five days

Jenny Diver (Alto)
A prostitute who used to live with Mac; she is bribed into betraying him.

Tiger Brown (Baritone)
Sheriff of London, he is a personal friend of Mac’s and takes a kickback on all of the money Mac steals. After being forced to arrest Mac, he struggles to talk to him and is upset when Mac rejects his friendship. THIS ACTOR WILL ALSO DOUBLE AS OTHERS.

Lucy Brown (Alto)
Tiger Brown’s daughter, she is also “married” to Mac the Knife. THIS ACTOR WILL ALSO DOUBLE AS OTHERS.

Male Acting Apprentice (Flexible voice type)

Female Acting Apprentice (Flexible voice type)

Tiger, Lucy, and the two apprentices (and possibly others as needed) will fill in all of the gaps inclusive of these remaining parts:
Reverend Kimball
Assorted Gangmembers, Beggars, Constables, Whores

The show runs 10/20 – 11/12 (Thu. – Sat 8pm, Sun 4pm) in the Jaeb Theater at the Straz Center with an option to hold over through 11/19. The show will begin rehearsals in mid-Sep., working weekday nights and weekend afternoons, 20 hours per week. Oct. 14-15 are full days of technical rehearsals. We are only able to work with very minimal rehearsal conflicts due to the demands of the show and the short process.

PLEASE NOTE: we will only contact actors invited to the callback, this will happen via email no later than June 5 with further instructions for audition preparation and a specific appointment time.  Serious, professional, non-union inquiries only. Jobsite is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity in casting. Send materials to auditions AT jobsitetheater DOT org. Please, no phone calls or social media messages regarding these positions.


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