Irma Relief Fundraiser


Help us offset losses from hurricane Irma.

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When we first assessed the damage from Irma and planned how we would be able to move forward, we noted we lost up to $10,000 in sales which would not be able to make up. That early estimate came close to the truth; at the end of the run we missed our goal by $9,616 – not the best way to start the season. This is especially the case with our next show being The Threepenny Opera in the Jaeb, our most expensive production of the year, which we are already heavily paying out on.

We also noted in the wake of Irma that we weren’t asking for donations, acknowledging there were a lot of other folks in more immediate need. Now that we have a firm number, we’re coming forward with a specific ask. We lost the opportunity to sell 342 tickets the week that Irma came through the state, and there isn’t even a real way to quantify how many tickets for later weeks we may have lost. If we can make up what we’re sure about losing with private donations by opening night of Threepenny, Oct. 20, we should be able to weather this production and keep us in enough cash to not interrupt our ability to produce The Tempest.

How can you help?

Kick in $20 per ticket you’d like to help us “recover” from what we weren’t able to sell. Maybe you meant to come to the show and never got around to, or maybe you were affected by the cancellations and didn’t have another free night, or maybe you’d just like to help us out by kicking in. We’re selling 342 of these “recovery” shares. Buy 1 or buy 100. If we manage to clear all 342 shares, we should be okay for the months to come. Donations made this way will be specifically put toward the bottom line loss of The Flick and not enter our annual campaign general funds,