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Season TicketsA season ticket to all six shows is now on sale at an Early Bird rate of $125.70 (all-inclusive), less than $21 per person per person per show. That equals a grand total in savings of over $88 per person for all 6 shows over buying online or over the phone. Wow!

Order Season TicketsTo fax or mail your order, please complete and send in our order form. Further instructions and details are on the form. If you have any questions, please contact us.

As of Aug. 17 the season ticket price is $142.30 per person (all-inclusive).

Rock Stars Get More

The Rock Star ExperienceIn addition to season tickets, Jobsite will continue their Rock Star program in 2015–16. This $350 package gets fans into every show and event Jobsite puts on all year, including the Gala, plus special access to all sorts of goodies with a portion of the price counting as a tax-deductible gift. These packages are not sold by the Straz Box Office but only directly through Jobsite.

Single Tickets

Single tickets to all 2015–16 shows will only be available as part of the season ticket or Rock Star packages through the summer. Single show on sale dates are TBA. Single tickets are subject to the following Straz Box Office charges: 15% + $3.50 per order handling fee for phone and online orders; 8% for purchases at the Box Office window.


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